Readme for Data Transfer Point Builder Project Link installation.

Last updated 11-03-01


This help document contains instruction and notes related to the installation and use of the Project Link for the Honeywell Point BuilderŪ application. This Project Link can only be imported to an OLE DB Jet 4.0 provider connection for dBase files.



Version 1.10 Date: 11-03-01

*      Fixed defect where the PM based Array Template would not import as a Template in the Project Link

Importing a Project Link

  1. Click File - New in the main menu of the Data Transfer application.
  2. Click the "Project Links" tab.
  3. Click the "Point Builder" icon to select the Project Link.
  4. Click the "OK" button to begin the import process.
  5. When you proceed to Step 3 of the Archive wizard, you will have to specify the Data Source connection by clicking on the Select Datasource... button. Do this now.

*      In Step 1, select Dbase Files as the Data Source type.

*      In Step 2, click the browse button to specify where the Dbase files reside that contain the Point Builder configuration data.

*      Click the Connect button to complete the Data Source connection.

  1. Specify the TPS Builder Project to use for importing and exporting with this Project Link.
  2. Complete Step 4 and Step 5 of the Archive wizard to import the Project Link.


If you encounter any difficulties with this installation or if you have any comments please contact AST support at