Readme for Data Transfer application.


Last updated 6-30-02


Welcome to Automation Software Technology, Inc. We are proud to deliver the Data TransferŠ product as a high quality engineering tool. This software release is being distributed as a Maintenance Release version R1.50.005.

Ideas for improvements often come from our customers, so feel free to contact us with your ideas. We hope you find these enhancements valuable, and thank you for supporting the Data Transfer product.


Important: Do not uninstall the existing Data Transfer application. This upgrade is designed to be installed without uninstalling the prior installation.

To install from the website, execute the self extracting installation file DataTransferMaintenance.exe. This will guide you through the installation wizard to install the Data Transfer product. If you want your existing application database migrated, then choose the migration option during installation. The first time you start the Data Transfer application, the application database will be migrated if required.


Data Transfer requires licensing to the installed Workstation within 7 days of installation. To retrieve a permanent license for the product, follow the instructions in the licensing window that is displayed on startup by pressing the Enter key when the licensing window is visible. This requires that you copy your Site Code and email it to Automation Software Technology, Inc. at You will then be emailed back a permanent Site Key that will set the permanent license.


Specify the following information in your email request for a Data Transfer license:

  1. Company Name
  2. User Name
  3. Date of Purchase
  4. Place of Purchase - include any Purchase Order number or Site Location
  5. Data Transfer Version - view the About box in the Data Transfer Help menu to get the version number
  6. Site Code displayed in the license window


To set the permanent license with the provided Site Key, start the Data Transfer application and when the licensing window appears press the Enter key to enter your Site Key and enable the permanent license.

The permanent license supplied to you allows you to execute the Data Transfer application on your registered Workstation only. If you decide to move the Data Transfer product to another Workstation, you can enter the licensing window during the application startup and choose to move the permanent license to another Workstation by following the procedure displayed in the Help for this window.

Please feel free to contact support at 928-501-1975 for any questions or assistance in your licensing.

Release Comments

*      You must have Honeywell's TPS Builder installed on the workstation prior to installing this product.

*      You do not have to install the TPS Builder Hiway Gateway Library to use the Hiway Data migration functionality.

*      This product is designed to run with a minimum version of Microsoft Explorer 5.0. If you do not install this minimum version of Explorer, then you will not be able to use the Expression Builder provided with the product. The Expression Builder makes use of functionality that is only available in Microsoft Explorer releases 5.x.

R1.50.005 Maintenance Release Notes

Version R1.50.005

*      Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard

*      MultiFunction Controller Conversion Wizard

*      I/O Hardware Map Template For Hiway Migration

*      General Export Tasks

R1.50.004 Maintenance Release Notes

Version R1.50.004

*      Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard

*      Import/Export Archive Wizard

*      General Fixes and Enhancements

*      Data Source Manager (DSM) Wizard

R1.50.003 Maintenance Release Notes

Version R1.50.003

*      Fixed defect in the Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where algorithms that referenced a PVSIGNAL type of AI,RV resulted in an attempt to create the Analog Input Strategy if it already existing as a result of the Data point migration using the Project Link Template for conversion of Analog Input types. This has been corrected to detect use of this PVSIGNAL type and remove any references to an Analog Input Template creation for the converted Regulatory Slot.

*      Fixed defect in the Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where a PID type algorithm was being converted to an Analog Input when its SPSLTSRC was referencing another Slot Strategy.

*      Fixed defect in the Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where a strategy was being converted to an AUTOMAN algorithm because the Hiway data point SUPPIO parameter value from the EB file conversion was empty and this condition was not checked for.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway MultiFunction Controller Conversion Wizard where the conversion of the parameter reference enumeration for NMODE was not resolved properly.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway MultiFunction Controller Conversion Wizard where the right-mouse click access to a list of enumerations for the NMODE parameter was not displayed.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway MultiFunction Controller Conversion Wizard where the Get Used Ranges function did not work if the MC conversion project did not contain translated Logic Blocks.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway MultiFunction Controller Conversion Wizard where a Strategy name that included an underscore character as in 23_FC0100 resulted in the right-mouse click references not working properly.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway MultiFunction Controller Conversion Wizard where an error was displayed during analysis if a CL SET statement was used where the assignment expression was another Strategy reference as in SET FC0100.SP = NN100.PV.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway MultiFunction Controller Conversion Wizard where existing CL comments were not preserved when existing MODE switching logic was modified during analysis.

*      Fixed defect where the Auto-Version update check did not allow viewing of the release notes when the View Notes button was clicked.

R1.50.002 Maintenance Release Notes

Version R1.50.002

*      Fixed defect in the Data Source Manager Wizard (DSM) where the checking of the option Use Configuration File in step 1 of the Wizard would not remain checked in some cases.

*      Fixed defect in the Data Source Manager Wizard (DSM) where the special column identifier used to auto-generate the NAME column was removed during reporting. This special column identifier is used in the Report Layout column options labeled as #IDENTIFIER#. This is added by default if all tables being compared have the common column NAME.

*      Fixed defect in the Data Source Manager Wizard (DSM) where previewing of the options selected for the report layout would inadvertently contain data from a prior report generation along with the sample data produced for the report preview mode.

*      Fixed defect in the Data Source Manager Wizard (DSM) where the option to set the SQL case function to either UCase or Upper was not defaulted for the Version Data Source.

*      Fixed defect in the Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where Hiway algorithms of the types PIDCM, PIDCMA, PIDDDC, PIDDDCSP when converted to a Regulatory Automan algorithm did not contain properly configured RCASOPT, SHEDMODE parameter values.

*      Fixed defect in the Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where Box types EC and CB mixed in the same Microsoft Access database table REGHG resulted in the ALMASK parameter value being used to determine alarming properties for CB type data points. This ALMASK parameter only applies to EC conversions and an empty value encountered in the CB type data points resulted in all alarming being removed during the conversion process. This has been fixed.

*      Fixed defect where adding a Generic Parameter to a Generic Template that contains a single ' quote character would result in the application crashing.

*      Fixed defect in Slot Allocation Wizard where allocating Slots using the Allocate Slots where SLOTNUM=0 option resulted in failure to allocate Fast Slots.

*      Fixed defect in Project Link execution where importing to the parameters PVNORMAL, BADPVTXT could result in a warning message that indicated the parameter value exceeded the length allowable for the parameter type.

*      Fixed defect where the expression functions DeleteStrategy(...), MoveStrategy(...) failed to execute properly for multiple strategies in a Data Collection.

*      Enhanced I/O Hardware Map Template to support exporting the Cable List information to a Microsoft Excel Workbook or Comma Delimited CSV Text file. This functionality is accessed from the right mouse click shortcut menu when the Cable List View is active.

*      Enhanced the application Version Update Checker to include notification for updates to the Hiway Migration Project Link.

R1.50.001 Maintenance Release Notes

Version R1.50.001

*      Fixed defect in the Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where the input connection to a Regulatory Strategy did not reflect the created Analog Input component Strategy if the created AI Strategy was renamed due to a name collision during the Regulatory analysis for the Hiway Box.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway Migration I/O Hardware Map Template where the graphical card slots for an Advanced MultiFunction Controller were not indicated properly due to the double wide slot configuration.

*      Fixed defect where Logic type strategies derived from the TPS Builder Repository Template Logic_EqHW were not being processed when using the Slot Allocation Wizard.

*      Fixed anomaly associated with the use of a Generic Template where a PNTTYPE binding is used to specify the type of Strategy to be created. This would fail if the user has renamed the existing TPS Builder Repository Templates from the default installed names such as renaming AI_EqHW to Xpm_AI. This would result in a failure to locate the proper TPS Repository Template to use to create the Data Collection Strategy. This has been resolved by defaulting to the known TPS Repository TemplateID used during installation and creation of a TPS Builder Repository.

Note: This can still fail, if the user has deleted this default TPS Repository Template and specialized a new Template from the System Root Template while not naming it the same as the original installed TPS Template.

*      Added automatic version update check feature that will automatically check the AST website for a more recent version to be installed. By default, this check will occur every 7 days. You can change this automatic check period or disable it. You can also request an immediate check for updates by accessing the new feature by clicking the menu item Options - Version Check Options.

*      Added new functionality to MultiFunction Controller Conversion Wizard that allows you to report the existing used ranges for all MultiFunction Controller Box Variables. This is useful in determining the ranges to allocate within the Process Manager node that is being used to convert to.

*      Enhanced MultiFunction Controller Conversion Wizard Logic Block and MC/CL conversion such that any hardware references found on a Hiway Digital Composite as Digital Inputs/Outputs are now resolved to the TPS Strategy that was created when the Hiway Digital Composite Strategy was migrated.

*      Fixed defect in MultiFunction Controller Conversion Wizard Logic Block conversion where the automatic spanning of Logic Blocks across multiple Process Manager Logic strategies sometimes failed to process correctly.

R1.50.000 Release Notes

Version R1.50.000

Note: this release includes all enhancements and defect fixes for all releases 1.40.001 - 1.42.003.

*      Fixed CPU usage problem when displaying the Expression Builder. The prior implementation showed an excessive amount of CPU usage in the Task Manager for this process.

*      Added new tabbed document interface for views displayed in the application. This provides a cleaner and quicker way to access multiple opened documents or views. The information text displayed when the cursor is on a tab gives the full description of the document or view. Double-click on a tab item to maximize/minimize the view window. Some views also support the right-mouse click shortcut menu on a tab item such as Database views.

*      Added option to the new Equipment View organization to allow the existing Module strategies to be reorganized. This process involves the resetting of all existing Project strategies to the Project root prior to reorganizing based on the selected options.

*      Completed online help documentation for the new Data Source Manager (DSM) Wizard and the new Equipment View Organization functionality.

R1.42.003 Beta Release Notes

Version R1.42.003

*      Added new functionality to organize the Equipment View in a TPS Builder Project. This functionality is accessible through the TPS Views Organization Wizard.

*      Added new functionality to the TPS Views Organization Wizard to allow generation of an HTML report for all Module strategies contained in any view. This report includes the Module Strategy description value and the Project path for the Module. The intent of this report is to provide an HTML based drawing index for all control drawings (Module strategies) that are printed from a specific TPS Builder Project view.

*      Updated the new DSM Wizard to fix defects reported in prior Beta Release.

*      Fixed defect in I/O Hardware Map Template used to graphically map Hiway Slots to Process Manager IOP's for Hiway Migration. The use of AMC node types did not save and restore cable binding information properly.

R1.42.002 Beta Release Notes

Version R1.42.002

*      Updated the new DSM Wizard to fix defects reported in prior Beta Release.

*      Fixed defect in Regulatory Conversion Wizard where an EC Signal Type of S5 was not processed properly as BADPVFL.

*      Fixed defect in Regulatory Conversion Wizard where blank TPS parameters PVHITP,PVLOTP were being reported as invalid parameter values after the conversion process. These empty alarm values are now ignored.

*      Fixed defect in Regulatory Conversion Wizard where an EC Summer algorithm was not converted properly to a Process Manager Regulatory Control Summer algorithm.

*      Fixed defect in Regulatory Conversion Wizard where the TPS Template selection for resolving of detected Status Input/Output connections on an EC slot did not display any templates to choose from. This was a defect introduced in a prior release.

*      Fixed defect where processing of the Hiway Migration Project Link Template Analog Input - LEPIU to LLMUX generated warnings associated with PVCHAR, SENSRTYP parameters. This resulted in multiple import attempts in order to get the correct parameter settings on the TPS Builder Strategy. This has been fixed by assuring that the TPS parameter PNTMODTY is always set first to assure the proper parameter exposure in TPS Builder.

R1.42.001 Beta Release Notes

Version R1.42.001

*      Added elapsed and remaining time display for all Data Collection and Import/Export operation tasks. These time values are displayed in the progress window during the task.

*      Updated the new DSM Wizard to support updating a Master Data Source based on reported changes between a Master and its Version.

This Beta implementation contains the HTML report generation for changes that have occurred in the Version or revison compared to the current working Master. It also now contains the ability to update a Master Data Source for changes that have occurred in a Version Data Source. This updating allows you to add/remove tables and columns and to update modified Strategy parameter data. It also supports adding and deleting of strategies in the Master Data Source. You can also use this DSM Wizard to create a copy of a Data Source type such as creating a Microsoft Access database or Excel Workbook from tables contained in an INTOOLS SQL Server or Oracle database.

Any comments or suggestions are welcomed!

R1.42.000 Beta Release Notes

Version R1.42.000

*      Fixed defect in the Project View Database tab where Data Source types such as SQL Anywhere and Oracle that specified a schema could not have their table data viewed

*      Implemented a new Data Source Manager Wizard (DSM) that is used to manage Data source revisions between a current working Master Data Source and a revision or version delivered by a client or customer. This functionality was requested by many Engineers that struggle with how to resolve revision changes during the course of engineering a TPS project. Typically many versions of data will be provided as the engineering progresses on a project. The major issues are:

*      How to detect quickly what has been changed

*      How to get information as to possible structure changes such as the addition or deletion of Data Source tables and columns

*      How to update the current working master, when typically additional tables and/or columns have been added to enhance the engineering during import to TPS Builder using Data Transfer.

This new DSM Wizard is designed to resolve these issues and provide fast and concise information generated in an HTML report that can be viewed in any Browser. This Beta implementation contains only the HTML report generation for changes that have occurred in the Version or revison compared to the current working Master. Another Beta release will follow within two weeks that will contain the ability to update a Master Data Source based on changes detected in the Version. The next Beta release will also include any comments or defects discovered in this initial Beta release.

Any comments or suggestions are welcomed!

R1.41.009 Release Notes

Version R1.41.009

*      Fixed defect in Hiway MultiFunction Controller Conversion Wizard where a CL statement SET FC0100.MODE = OMAN was not migrated properly. This requires that the MODATTR be set to PROGRAM prior to the mode change, and then the MODATTR value finally being set to OPERATOR.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where the Regulatory algorithm CTLACTN parameter enumeration value was not being set properly when the connected Analog Output Strategy parameter OPTDIR is set to Reverse. When OPTDIR=Reverse is detected as a result of the Hiway parameter OUTIND, the Regulatory algorithm connected to this Analog Output will have its CTLACTN parameter set to the opposite of its migrated Hiway parameter value CTLACTN.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where the use of the option to replace the default 'V' chacter with 'Y' for the Analog Output naming expression did not work properly. This option should still utilize the user specified FunctionID positions and auto-detect and correct for a properly constructed component Strategy name. The defect did not allow this and for tags within the same box that had different FunctionID positions, the new component Strategy names were not generated correctly.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where the conversion of a Hiway Summer algorithm for Basic and MultiFunction controllers was incorrect. This has been corrected.

*      Added new functions to the Expression Language: ReplaceAny(), IsOneOf(), GetValueFromConnection(). The functions ReplaceAny() and IsOneOf() are designed to facilitate the detection and replacing of invalid characters that could be found in parameters such as STATETXT, PVNORMAL, KEYWORD, etc.

R1.41.008 Release Notes

Version R1.41.008

*      Fixed defect in Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where the parameters RCASOPT, SHEDMODE, SHEDTIME were not set for PIDnnn type algorithms that support AM/Continuous Program writing in a Basic Controller. This defect was a result of these parameters not being present in the Exception Build (EB) file that was being migrated. These parameters are now set properly for the CB/MC algorithms that imply these functions.

R1.41.007 Release Notes

Version R1.41.007

*      Fixed defect in Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where INPTCOND = SQRROOT was not being recognized for setting the PVCHAR parameter enumeration for all generated Analog Input component strategies. The Wizard now looks at both PVCHAR and INPTCOND to determine if square root conditioning applies.

R1.41.006 Release Notes

Version R1.41.006

*      Added option to Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard to force all converted Regulatory Control and Regulatory PV Algorithms to contain PNTFORM=Full.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where the option to convert PIDNORM/DAS to Analog Input did not work properly for MC algorithms. This has been modified to verify that no other algorithms are referencing the PIDNORM/DAS SP or OUTPUT connections and also verifies that its PVSLTSRC does not reference another algorithm prior to allowing conversion to an Analog Input Strategy.

*      Fixed defect in exporting of Strategy parameter data to an SQL Server type Data Source. Overwriting or insertion of new Strategy parameter data did not work if multiple tables were specified and related in the Template Binding drawing.

*      Updated online documentation.

R1.41.005 Release Notes

Version R1.41.005

*      Fixed defect where an expression comment of the type //************************* would result in the expression parser hanging.

*      Modified code when using the toolbar button to expand all items in a Data Collection view to prevent contant updating until the expand process has completed.

*      Fixed defect introduced in Release 1.41.004 where MC/CL analysis would fail with application crash.

*      Enhanced the MultiFunction Controller Conversion Wizard to support searching for references in Application Module (AM) Strategy configuration. The Wizard analysis will automatically search in the AM Point Tables { COUNTAM, REGAM, TIMERAM } for any connections on AM strategies that contain references to the MC/CL file that is currently being analyzed. This requires that the AM Strategy configuration from EB files be translated into the same Data Source (Microsoft Access database) that currently contains the Hiway data point configuration that is being migrated. You can also manually search for references in the AM Point Tables.

*      Fixed defect in I/O Hardware Map Template where AMC type nodes did not properly display the double-density card slots. An AMC type node determined by detecting MCREV = REV31, now displays 4 slots per point file where each slot contains double the numer of channels or subslots compared to its MC type.

R1.41.004 Release Notes

Version R1.41.004

*      Fixed defect where a User Definition expression that did not contain the this keyword was ignored after saving and reopening a Template Binding drawing. An example of this is when a System Variable such as <&ltBoxAddress>> was specified.

*      Fixed defect in MultiFunction Controller Conversion Wizard where the option to use local Process Module variables for MC/CL box variables that are not referenced by other CL files would fail. This failure was a result of the new migrated to PM/CL files also being searched for the Box variable reference. This has been resolved by excluding the migrated PM/CL files.

*      Enhanced MultiFunction Controller Conversion Wizard to show all CL comments in a light brown color.

*      Enhanced Regulatory Conversion Wizard to detect and clamp all alarm trip values that are outside the PVEULO/PVEUHI range. When this clamping occurs, it is logged as a warning upon completion of the algorithm analysis.

*      Added a warning message window when connecting to a Microsoft Excel Worksheet to notify of special column formatting requirements for numeric column data. Data Transfer requires all numeric type columns to be formatted as the data type "Text" and not the default "General" data type. Failure to do this can result in data not being visible to Data Transfer during Data Collection tasks. This is a limitation on the Microsoft Excel OLEDB connection engine.

R1.41.003 Release Notes

Version R1.41.003

*      Enhanced the Regulatory Conversion Wizard to allow checking an option in Step 3 of the Wizard to specify using Y in place of V when generating names for the Analog Output component Strategy. This previously had to be done by specifying an advanced expression.

*      Enhanced the Regulatory Conversion Wizard to check for all generated Analog Input/Output strategies as to whether they already exist in the TPS Builder project and if they do, then another unique name is generated by appending the suffix string _n where n is a digit beginning with the number 1. The detection of the name collision and subsequent renaming is also reported as a warning in the application log after the analysis.

*      Fixed defect in Regulatory Conversion Wizard where the Hiway parameters PVROCNTP and PVROCPTP where not converted properly from percent to absolute EU values.

*      Modified use of Regulatory Conversion Wizard so that the application option to Save changes per Template processed is not utilized within the conversion process. If the option to Save changes per Template processed was not checked, poor performance was observed while using the TPS Builder release 1.41.0. Failures to set the name of a created Module Strategy were also reported although the set name operation succeeded.

*      Fixed defect in MultiFunction Conversion Wizard where Wizard changes saved to an RTF to preserve Wizard markups sometimes overwrote existing MC/CL source file.

*      Added new conversion option to Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard to allow converting Hiway PIDNORM algorithms that contain output suppression to an Analog Input Strategy.

*      Enhanced MultiFunction Controller Conversion Wizard to automatically generate an HTML report of all Box variable mappings changed by the Wizard. A report is generated for each analyzed MC/CL file and these reports can be merged into a single HTML document.

*      Enhanced Template Binding view so that all Table list windows and the TPS parameters list window can be displayed as an icon view. This enhancement was requested to allow more view space when working with many tables in the view.

*      Fixed defect where the server name for an Oracle Server specified during OLEDB connection for a new Project Link was not being set in the connection resulting in failure to connect to anything other than the default Oracle Server.

*      Updated online help documentation.

*      Fixed defect where nested IIf (...) functions in both a True and False part of another IIf (...) expression function was not processed correctly. This resulted in the first logical expression being evaluated inconsistently for its result.

*      Fixed defect in Generic Template Import Data Collections where a parameter that is not applicable to a specific Strategy was sometimes included in the Data Collection results that caused errors during importing of the Data Collection.

R1.41.002 Release Notes

Version R1.41.002

*      Added shortcut menu for edit { Cut, Copy, Paste } to all expression type windows.

*      Fixed defect in Expression Language where specifying a schema name as in Schema.Table.Column was not supported.

*      Added option for Project Link properties to set the Project Link as not exportable. When this option is chosen, the toolbar and menu item for executing an Export Data Collection is disabled and the SQL verification will not report any warnings associated with bindings that are required for exporting. This option is accessible through the Settings tab of the properties for a Project Link item in the Project view.

*      Added support for a Transform expression binded to the TPS PNTTYPE parameter for use in a Generic Template.

*      Fixed defect where the opening of a Template Binding drawing could result in crashing the Data Transfer application.

*      Updated online help documentation.

R1.41.001 Release Notes

Version R1.41.001

*      Enhanced all list type views so that all columns are now sortable by clicking and you can also drag columns to reorder their position within the header and view.

*      Added text search capability to all HTML type views. Use the Edit - Find menu item or the toolbar buttons to search for any text within an HTML document view.

*      Updated online help documentation.

R1.41.000 Release Notes

Version R1.41.000

*      Added new PMM Slot Allocation Wizard. This wizard is designed to automatically allocate all Control Processor resident strategies for the Process Manager node. It will detect Fast Slot requirements and also reorder Regulatory slot ordering to account for proper connection initialization.

*      Fixed defect in MC/CL Wizard analysis, where Box timers were not upgraded properly.

R1.40.003 Release Notes

Version R1.40.003

*      Fixed defect where crashes may result after viewing tooltips for expressions in the Project View.

*      Fixed defect where the Favorites toolbar button for the integrated Browser view did not consistently display the list of Favorites items.

*      Added a menu item Copy Expression to the shortcut menu for a parameter binding that contains an expression to allow copying the expression to the clipboard for pasting in other expression windows.

*      Enhanced Expression parser to support the use of the result of an IIf() function within the Val() function as in Round(Val(this), Val(IIf( Len(ANLINHG.PVFORMAT) = 0, 1, 0)));

R1.40.002 Release Notes

Version R1.40.002

*      Fixed defect in Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard when converting to Regulatory Control MulDiv algorithms where the scaling factor K1 was not remapped to K for single input use of this algorithm.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where DEVHITP and DEVLOTP values were not converted properly. These values in the Hiway represent a percent of range, which required conversion to an EU trip point.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where SQRT type of Hiway algorithms were being converted to a Regulatory Summer when they should have been converted to a Regulatory PV Calcultr algorithm to retain the SQRT calculations.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard, which prevented the Regulatory Control algorithms MulDiv/Summer from having its input connections arranged properly for its X1-X3 destinations.

R1.40.001 Release Notes

Version R1.40.001

*      Fixed licensing problem with release 1.40.000 that prevented application startup.

*      Modified Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard to use the Hiway Regulatory Strategy parameter PVFORMAT value for determining the rounding of PV/SP, PVEXEUHI/PVEXEULO, PV Alarm trip points, etc., if the option to specify the number of places to round to is not checked.

*      Modified Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard to use the Hiway Regulatory Strategy parameter PVRNGOP value to calculate PVEXEUHI/PVEXEULO ranges for the generated Analog Input component Strategy and any converted to Regulatory PV strategies if the option to specify these ranges as a percent of PVEUHI/PVEULO is not checked.

*      Fixed defect in the Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where the parameter GAINOPT was not set for non-linear type of PID conversions.

*      Fixed defect where exporting using a Template Binding drawing that contained column names in a table that did not match the exact name of the binded TPS Parameter failed.

*      Modified Expression Language to allow specifying any string related function for the parameter to the Val function.

R1.40.000 Release Notes

Version R1.40.000

*      Fixed defect where IOM channel sizes for DI, PI, and STIM modules were incorrect for an HPM node displayed in the I/O Hardware Map Template Binding drawing.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where PVTV was not set properly for DAS algorithms converted to simple Analog Input strategies.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where DAS algorithms for MC based controls did not convert to a simple Analog Input Strategy if the original Hiway Slot was > 8 with ANLGCARD=NOSEL.

*      Enhanced Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard to clamp T1 and T2 constants if they are out of range or disabled in the Hiway regulatory data.

*      Enhanced Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard to generate a warning message to the application log during analysis if T1 or T2 is detected as requiring a Regulatory Fast Slot assignment. This requires that the Process Manager ScanRate value be set in the options page prior to the regulatory analysis.

*      Enhanced Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard to allow deletion of existing strategies in the TPS Builder project if detected during analysis. This functionality is accessed by right-clicking to display a shortcut menu in Step 8 of the Wizard and selecting the menu option Delete Existing Strategies....

*      Enhanced History collection and reporting to include the TPS Repository name and TPS Project name.

*      Added option to show Data Collections and Schedules for all workspaces in the Delete Collections and Delete Schedules window.

*      Enhanced deletion of Schedule/Data Collections so that any opened view windows are automatically closed if their collection or schedule was deleted.

*      Enhanced "Empty Log" function so that all opened Log views are automatically closed.

*      Enhanced Project View tab so that all Workspace items, Project Link items, and expression type items are now displayed in a balloon style tool tip.

*      Added support for Data Source Views. Data Source views can be custom queries such as CrossTab queries generated in a Microsoft Access database. These views are displayed as tables when used in a Template Binding drawing allowing you to graphically bind to the columns contained in the queries.

*      Fixed defect in MC Wizard CL File analysis where the replacement parameter for a Counter or Timer from STRTSTOP to STARTFL resulted in the enumeration value of STOP/START becoming invalid for the replacement logical parameter. The CL Analysis now detects this and converts the old enumeration value to a proper logical type of ON/OFF. This also applies to RESETCMD being changed to RESETFL.

*      Enhanced MC Wizard CL analysis to support the %INCLUDE_SOURCE directive. During analysis if this CL statement is detected, it will include the referenced CL script and analyze it together will all other nested include directives as a flat file. When saving the changes generated by the Wizard or manually edited, it will save the included source to the proper included CL files.

*      Enhanced MC Wizard analysis window to show the status of the CL conversion in a Status Bar at the window bottom. This status bar will also indicate if the file being analyzed has already been analyzed and saved.

*      Enhanced MC Wizard CL analysis so that the items displayed in the Entity conflicts list are checked for remapping by default.

*      Enhanced MC Wizard CL analysis to optionally detect and replace PROGVAL references with a local Process Module Numeric array variable reference. The TPS Project Strategy is also updated to set its CISRC(1) input connection referencing the Process Module Strategy and its local Numeric array variable. For strategies that have been converted to a RegPV, the PROGVAL parameter reference is replaced with PV.

*      Fixed defect in MC Wizard where CL files that have already been analyzed and saved were again being modified incorrectly for Mode switching logic and remapping of Box variables. This is now prevented if the original_old.CL file is detected in the CL source directory or folder. There also is an option to override this behavior for a single one-time analysis.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where RV-AI type support strategies encountered in Basic Controller conversion were not inserted into the Module Strategy that is created to contain all connection related controls using the Auto-Insert option. This also sometimes resulted in the Hiway Regulatory loop that referenced the RV Strategy not being inserted into the connection related Module Strategy.

*      Fixed defect in MC Wizard where CL files that referenced an Equipment List, would not analyze properly. The alias names referenced in the file were not able to be found in the TPS Builder project for resolving parameter migrations. This has been resolved by mapping the set of alias names detected in the first UNIT_INSTANCE declaration and using the mapped TPS entities to resolve the @Alias name reference in the CL script.

*      Add support for new Module Strategy Folder Style attribute. This parameter is now displayed in the TPS parameters list of a Template Binding drawing as FOLDER. You can read or write to this TPS parameter. This style attribute is also supported in the CreateStrategy(...) function as an optional parameter to specify when creating a new Module Strategy. This TPS Identification parameter is only visible if the TPS Template is a module type or if the Template is a Generic Template.

*      Added the function IsTPSModule() to the Expression Language. This function will return the logical status result of a Module Strategy. If the Module Strategy is a TPS type such as Logic or Device Control, then this function will return TRUE, otherwise it returns FALSE.

*      Added the function BoolToString() to the Expression Language. This function is used to return a string representation, True or False of a logical expression as in BoolToString( IsTPSModule() );.

*      Added new menu item to the Help menu named View Presentation, that will launch the Data Transfer Multimedia presentation software if installed.

*      Enhanced exporting with a Generic Template to allow exporting of non-TPS Module strategies to a Data Source. Although there is technically no parameter data associated with this type of Module Strategy, it may be useful to generate a report of its existence and its hierarchical position in the TPS Project.

*      Enhanced Views Organization Wizard so that if the option to create a regular Module Strategy is chosen, the Wizard will still attempt to open the specified PM Node Strategy (using specified address) so that it can use its IOM module data for constructing a detailed Module Strategy name that may include Redundancy type, etc. The Wizard has also been enhanced to set the new Folder style for all created Module strategies.

*      Updated online documentation for changes to the MC Conversion Wizard (CL Analysis).

*      Added new Expression Language functions DeleteStrategy(...) and MoveStrategy(...).

*      Enhanced syntax checking in Expression Builder and Template Expression window to indicate the script line where any syntax error occurs and to generate a specific notification of a function that is not used within its proper Phase handler. Script lines with syntax errors are indicated with a background color of Light Yellow.

*      Fixed defect in using Str( TPS Parameter Name) to retrieve the value of a TPS parameter on the Strategy that is being processed.

*      Changed auto-case behavior of expression editors so that constants will not be auto-changed to its proper case. You must specify the upper case required for all constant values. This fixes the problem where you were not able to specify a TPS parameter or table.column name that was the same as a constant value without the editor auto-changing the case to a Constant type.

*      Added support for enclosing Table or Column name specifiers within double quotes when they contain an embedded space as in Str ( "Table 1".Column );. This table name in this example contains a space character and needs to be wrapped in double quote characters to be processed properly.

*      Enhanced Data Collection view so that any use of a CreateStrategy(), RenameStrategy(), DeleteStrategy(), or MoveStrategy() function results in the Strategy that is to be changed being reported in the Data Collection as an expression result.

*      Fixed defect in MC Wizard CL File analysis where the range of a declared Local Variable such as ARRAY(1..5) AT NN(01) was not being browsed for in other CL files. The declared range is now browsed when automatically displaying references during the analysis.

*      Fixed defect in MC Wizard CL File analysis where the automatic detection of conflicts between the Wizard proposed remapping of a Box Variable versus its existing SLOTNUM address in the TPS Strategy was not displayed for the full range of Box variables that are affected by the remapping. A Local Variable declaration such as ARRAY(1..5) AT NN(01) was only being detected for a conflict on the original INTVARNM address of 1 where the full range 1-5 should have been detected and displayed for updating the TPS Strategy SLOTNUM address.

*      Fixed defect in MC Wizard CL File analysis where CL referenced variables were being analyzed when they existed within commented lines when the option to not analyze them was chosen.

*      Added new Wizard toolbar to the application and modified the use of all toolbars so that they are fully dockable within the application frame.

*      Modified WEB Browser view so that the most recently typed URL sites are listed in the drop-down address list.

*      Enhanced application migration so that the installation of Data Transfer upgrades does not remove existing MultiFunction Controller Conversion Wizard sessions.

*      Fixed defect where Template Binding drawing component windows were able to be moved beyond the left or top of the view limits that resulted in incorrect positioning of the view scroll bars. This is no longer allowed.

*      Fixed defect where the application Log View inconsistently saved the size of the last column defined in the Header.

*      Fixed defect where the drag and copy of a Generic Template failed and resulted in the application crashing.

*      Fixed defect in the Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where SUPPIO=INPSUPPR was not detected for the case where PVSIGNAL=OUTPUT. This resulted in an Analog Input component Strategy being created for the converted Regulatory loop.

*      Fixed defect introduced in Beta release 1.30.001 that prevented the Import Data Collection from processing Microsoft Excel spreadsheet columns that contained a NULL or empty data value.

*      Added functionality to Archive Wizard to allow selection/deselection of Project Link Template items when importing.

*      Fixed defect where the Archive Wizard Project Link Template map page displayed during a Project Link import required clicking in the "Template Alias Name" column to display the drop-list. The drop-list window is now displayed when clicking in the column labeled "TPS Template Name".

*      Fixed defect where embedded TPS Templates were available for selection in Archive Wizard and Project Link Template properties. Embedded TPS Templates are no longer available for selection.

*      Added a new option to the Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard to allow the conversion of Hiway Regulatory data points that contain SUPPIO=INPSUPPR to a stand-alone Analog Output Strategy.

*      Added new File Open/Save window to allow image previewing. This window conforms to the new Windows 2000 style.

*      Added support for all image file types (bmp, gif, jpeg, png) to be used as a background image for Template Binding drawing views. The image can also be optionally tiled to fill the view.

*      Added support for JPEG image creation in the HTML report for the custom Node Template used in Hiway migration.

*      Added functionality to automatically close the Log View window when the application log is emptied.

*      Enhanced the Data Collection properties - Collection tab so that the TPS Builder Template name and also the Data Transfer Project Link Template Alias name are displayed for reference.

*      Fixed defect associated with the processing of Generic parameters during a Data Collection. This defect resulted in TPS strategies that were being reported as new not having constant bindings processed correctly when a TPS Template and Library binding was specified for resolving of new TPS strategies created from a Generic Template.

*      Fixed defect associated with processing of I/O Hardware Map Templates for Hiway Migration. A Data Collection executed on this Template failed to detect and report the mapped Hiway SubSlot to the Process Manager IOM Slotnum. A change in the Hiway Migration Project Link that removed the bindings that mapped the existing Hiway address parameter values to the migrated Process Manager strategies resulted in this error. The processing of this Template has been modified to retrieve this existing Hiway address parameter data from the Data Source (Microsoft Access Database). This has been resolved.

*      Fixed defect introduced in Release 1.30.001 where the new Binding View HTML report could not be emailed from within Data Transfer. This resulted in the application terminating unexpectedly.

*      Fixed defect in Release 1.30.000 where the Entity Browser for the MC Logic Block analysis did not find contained strategies for a Module Strategy located deep in a Project hierarchy.

*      Changed the displayed name for a Module Template MODULE NAME to MODULENAME to eliminate the embedded space character. This space character prevented it from being used within an expression when trying to retrieve its parameter value.

*      Fixed Expression Language parser to recognize the use of arithmetic operations when using the InStr(...) function. Expressions such as Left( InStr(1, this, ".") -1) would not work previously unless there was a space between the minus sign and the integer 1.

*      Fixed defect where embedded Templates in a Project Link resulted in a warning message indicating that the embedded Template did not contain a View membership.

*      Fixed defect where Template specialization in MC Conversion and Hiway Regulatory Wizards would fail if the registry contained a TemplateID that was valid for another Template type. This scenario could occur if databases were switched that contained the specialized Templates with different TemplateID's.

*      Fixed defect where the Data Transfer release 1.10 application database could not be migrated when upgrading the application to Release 1.30.000+.

*      Added functionality to MC Conversion Wizard so that during analysis of an MC/CL file, any references declared or used in the CL program by other programs will automatically be displayed in a CL Browser view after the completion of the analysis.

*      Enhanced MC Conversion Wizard to allow mapping of referenced Box variables { NN and FL } to the local Process Manager Process Module variable if they are not detected as referenced by any other CL programs or a named TPS Entity.

*      Added an alternate List View to the graphical Binding View. This view is accessible from the shortcut menu of the Binding View. This List view lists all the bindings, expressions, and table columns that are not binded. The SQL query is also displayed as part of this view. You can generated an HTML report for this alternate List View that also optionally contains a JPEG image file of the graphical Binding View and any user specified notes.

*      Enhanced the TPS View Organization Wizard to allow the creation and organizing of strategies to an empty Hardware or Control module instead of the Process Manager Node Strategy. This will result in a faster organization and also prevent performance problems when opening a Process Manager Node Strategy that contains many other strategies due to Template locking.

*      Fixed defect where exporting using a Generic Template with a Transform Expression on the TPS NAME parameter would result in a Module Strategy collection not being processed if the expression returned NULL for the containing Module Strategy.

R1.30.000 Release Notes

Version R1.30.000

*      Fixed defect in MC Conversion Wizard where NN BDP references were not detected for conversion to a named TPS entity if the option was chosen to replace hardware references with named TPS entities.

*      Fixed defect in MC Conversion Wizard where LOCAL declaration references to BDP parameters TM, FL, and NN were being replaced with a named TPS Entity from the Data Source when the option to replace hardware references was chosen.

*      Enhanced CL Browser to find box type BDP references (NN, FL, TM) by selecting a search option for BDP references.

*      Fixed defect introduced in Release 1.21.006 where exporting of Generic Templates did not process any more export strategies after a TPS Module Strategy was encountered.

*      Fixed defect in use of Transform expressions where a Transform binded to a TPS Name parameter had its OnExport(ONBIND) expression being evaluated during an Import task. This expression should only have been evaluated during the Export type task.

*      Enhanced MC Conversion Wizard to process CL Programs that reference Equipment List files and to detect that the mapping requirements are different for various instances referenced in the Equipment List file.

*      Enhanced MC Conversion Wizard to provide another Flag mapping range for Alarm type flags that reside in the MC INTVARNM range for alarming.

*      Enhanced MC Conversion Wizard to detect that Box variables that are being remapped will be out of sync with existing TPS strategies that exist on these same INTVARNM addresses. If this is detected, a list and HTML report is automatically generated and you can automatically update the TPS strategies that were previously migrated to the PM strategies for the new PM mapped SLOTNUM address.

*      Fixed defect in MC Conversion Wizard where an MC Regulatory Strategy with a Signal Type of SQV was not detected. This is now detected and if PVSIGNAL references SQV, no Analog Input component strategy is created and a warning message is generated to the application log indicating that this Regulatory Strategy needs to have its PV connection resolved by creating a RegPV or Numeric Strategy.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard where the MultiFunction Controller option ANLGCARD for slots 9-16 were not being detected to generate an Analog Output component strategy.

*      Improved editing performance of all expression windows.

*      Modified Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard to save the last used NtwkNum, NodeNum, NodeType, FunctionID StartPos, and FunctionID EndPos values.

*      Modified Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard to use the active Project Link for the default Data Source and TPS Project connections.

*      Modified Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard to not report as a warning message if the TPS parameters PVLLTP and PVHHTP are empty during parameter validation.

*      Modified MC Conversion Wizard to use the active Project Link for the default Data Source and TPS Project connections when creating a new Wizard session.

*      Fixed defect in MC Conversion Wizard where the Analyze button was not enabled unless the Data Source contained translated JS files.

*      Fixed defect in MC/CL Conversion Wizard where MC/CL SET statements preceded by a label were not analyzed and converted properly.

*      Enhanced MC/CL File analysis to auto-replace BDP parameter references on named TPS entities.

*      Modified MC Conversion Wizard to allow analysis and conversion of MC/CL files if no Hardware I/O mapping is required or specified.

*      Fixed defect in Project Link Archive Wizard, where the Project Link could fail to import if during the archiving process, any referenced System Variables in expressions did not exist as a global System Variable.

*      Modified expression parser to detect use of CreateStrategy() and InsertAt() functions in the conditional IIf() function so that they are not processed if referenced in the false part of the IIf() function.

*      Fixed defect where the this keyword was not recognized in Import Definition expressions if there was not a leading space character.

*      Added grouping of Import Definition expressions so that multiple Import Definitions are now grouped with () operators when multiple Import definitions are grouped using the AND keyword.

*      Added the following functions to the expresson language:

*      Min()

*      Max()

*      GetParentName()

*      GetParentPath()

*      GetTemplateName()

*      CreateModulePath()

See the online topic Expression Language for descriptions of these functions.

*      Updated online documentation for new expression language functions.

*      Added new topic to online documentation "Working With Hiway Migration" that explains the steps and requirements for using Data Transfer and TPS Builder to migrate Hiway configuration to the UCN.

*      Added new TPS Library named "Hiway Migration Library" that supports the TPS Template named "I/O Hardware Map". This Template allows you to graphically bind Hiway Node slots to Process Manager IOM modules to establish a physical cable mapping. You can then use this Template to execute a Data Collection and Import to update all your PM based TPS Strategy addresses based on this cable mapping reflected in the Template Binding drawing. Read the online documentation topic "I/O Hardware Map Templates Overview" for more information on using this new Template.

*      Modified Data Collection task description window so that you can choose from previously specified task descriptions. The task description will have the time stamp automatically appended to the specified or selected task description.

*      The Archive Wizard Import Project Link step was modified to allow the ability to create a new TPS Builder project if one does not exist.

*      Fixed defect in Expression Builder where an F1 key press did not display the help topic.

*      Fixed defect where MC Wizard did not save the selected Node Type for a Wizard session.

*      Fixed defect where MC Wizard did not resolve $HYhhBbb type references in LOCAL declarations.

*      Added warning message when running a Data Collection if a Strategy exists elsewhere in the Project hierarchy other than the location that a Template expression may specify

*      Added feature during application startup, to detect if a TPS Project cannot be connected to for the last active Project Link and automatically display the Project Link properties.

*      Fixed errors that resulted when a Generic Template was being used in an Export type activity. The errors reported that the Library and Template parameters required binding. This has been fixed so that these bindings are only necessary when using a Generic Template for importing of new Strategies if the TPS Parameter PNTTYPE is not binded.

*      Fixed defect where the Data Collection HTML report did not properly report the options used to generate the Data Collection.

*      Updated online documentation for new expression language functions.

*      Fixed defect with projected up parameters not being displayed in the TPS parameter list of a Template Binding drawing. This defect was introduced in Release 1.21.003.

*      Modified behaviour of MFC Migration Wizard so that when specifying an external Data Source for Hardware I/O mapping, the first mapping set to a BDP parameter such as AI, is automatically copied to all other BDP parameter types. You only have to modify the other BDP types if the mapping is unique.

*      Fixed rendering problem with HTML report views in Windows 2000 operating system.

*      Fixed defect when an application log is opened and then the space bar is pressed. This resulted in a crash of the application.

*      Enhanced the export using a Generic Template so that Module strategies are now exported. This previously was not available because the TPS parameter NAME does not exist in a TPS Builder Module Strategy. This has been enhanced to detect this and automatically change it to the identification parameter Module Name.

*      Improved performance with the new TPS Views Organization Wizard.

*      Enhanced TPS Views Organization Wizard to support resetting the view parent for strategies that specify a IOM module that is not configured in the Process Manager Strategy.

*      Fixed defect associated with Data Collections that contain multiple Project Link Templates. In this scenario, only the first processed Template was reporting valid data and all other Templates reported invalid Data Source values.

*      Fixed defect associated with bindings in a Template Parameter Binding drawing, which were sometimes not connected to the proper TPS parameter in the drawing list.

*      Fixed defect where empty folders for Existing and New strategies reported in a Data Collection View were not removed.

*      Added a right-mouse button activated list for CL Script referenced Strategy, Parameter, and enumerations in the MC Migration Wizard. This allows you to right-mouse click over a CL reference and a list of valid parameters or enumerations will be displayed for selection and replacement.

*      Added feature to allow editing or viewing a Template expression from the Project View Template. Right-click to display a shortcut menu and point to Edit Template Expression.

*      Added feature to Template Binding Drawing to indicate when a Template expression exists for the Template. If it exists, an icon is displayed that can be moved and double clicked to quickly edit or view the Template expression.

*      Added functionality to allow the dragging and dropping of Templates in a Project Link to copy or move. You can copy and move Templates within a Project Link or to another Project Link. The drag and drop operation is started by using the left mouse button to click and drag.

*      Defects associated with the TPS Views Organization Wizard have been fixed. This is being released for Beta testing and evaluation. Please forward any comments or suggestions.

*      Updated online documentation associated with new TPS View Organization Wizard.

*      Added ability to specify a new TPS Template for a Template Binding drawing in a Project Link. This is accessible through the properties of a specific Template. Only TPS Templates that are related through specialization can be selected as a new TPS Template association.

*      Fixed defect associated with Template Binding drawing views not being repainted properly. This was a symptom that occurred if multiple views were visible, then maximized and minimized.

*      Fixed defect associated with the viewing of an SQL query for a Template from the Data Collection window. This did not work if a Template Binding drawing had not been previously viewed.

*      Fixed defect associated with Constant bindings to a TPS Logical type parameter. Previously a warning message would be generated if the string value of "On" or "Off" was specified. The result was valid but the warning message was annoying. TPS Logical type parameters must be set using the enumeration values of "On" and "Off" and not the integer values of 0 or 1.

*      Fixed defect associated with Template defined parameters on array type connections such as PISRC(1-6). The defect was associated with all TPS Parameters for PISRC(1-6) being displayed as Template defined if only the first index PISRC(1) was Template defined.

*      Fixed defect associated with Data Transfer not recognizing when the Template defining attribute was removed from a TPS Template parameter in the TPS Builder database.

*      Added functionality for use of the Expression language editors to automatically detect and correct proper syntax case usage when building expressions. If you enter a valid function or constant name, the proper case for the expression element will be applied when recognized.

*      Added ability to group logical functions using the grouping operators ( ) the same as is currently implemented for mathematical functions.

*      A new TPS Views Organization Wizard has been added. This is accessible through the Tools - TPS Tools - Organize Views menu item. This is being released for Beta testing and evaluation.

*      Modified TPS Template loading in views so that specialized Templates to a System Template are not loaded until the TPS System Template item is expanded. This was done to improve the performance of displaying all available TPS Libraries to choose a Template from.

*      Fixed defect in System Variables window where the first column or name of the System Variable displayed an edit box when clicked. This column is not editable. To edit the name of a System Variable, you must remove it and replace it with a new variable name.

*      Fixed defect associated with bindings being ignored that are attached to a Table.Column where the column name is not all upper case.

R1.20.000 Release Notes

Version R1.20.000

*      Updated online help documentation

*      Add new MultiFunction Controller Conversion Wizard for migrating existing Hiway MC boxes to a Process Manager. This new Wizard supports migrating:

*      Added ability to export strategy parameter data from TPS Builder projects using a Generic Template. This is useful when a common set of parameters require external modification such as NODENUM, MODNUM, SLOTNUM. When exporting using a Generic Template, all strategies within the connected TPS Builder project become candidates for the export including strategies contained within other modules in a hierarchy. If a Generic parameter does not exist for a processed TPS Builder strategy, then it is simply ignored.

*      Enhanced the EB Translation Wizard to handle all EB types including Area Database, History, etc. MultiFunction Controller Logic Block JS files are also supported for translation and subsequent use in the new MC Conversion Wizard.

*      Added use of System Variables for defining expressions used in collecting data for import and export. These System Variables allow you to define a value or constant to a global variable that can be referenced in expressions in any Template Binding drawings. These System Variables are accessible when invoking the Data Collection window where they can easily be modified or viewed to affect a query or transformation of a group of parameter values prior to executing the Data Collection and subsequent Import/Export operation.

*      The Data Collection View has been modified to categorize the reporting of New and Existing strategies.

*      The Data Collection HTML report has also been modified to reflect these new changes.

*      Print preview and printing of the Data Collection view is now supported. When the Data Collection view is active, select the main menu item File - Print Preview to view and print the contents of the Data Collection view.

*      The shortcut icon on the Tasks tab for History has been modified. This was done for future implementation of Notes within the application.

*      The properties page for a Project Link now displays an icon that represents the current connected Data Source type.

*      System Variable support has been added for all expression types.

*      Syntax font options have now been added. You can modify the font for various syntax elements for a Transform/Template, Constant, and User Definition expression window. This is accessible through the Application Options Preferences tab. Choose the options for Drawings and click on the button Syntax.

*      Fixed defect where Template Binding drawings saved in a maximized position did not restore properly

*      Fixed defect in Hiway Regulatory Wizard where the Entity List file path could not be modified using the browse button

*      Fixed defect where the log view could crash if a request to empty the log was made while loading messages

*      Fixed defect in Hiway Regulatory Wizard where Logic Strategy name was not being defaulted properly for selected Ntwknum/Nodenum when used to convert multiple Hiway Boxes to Multiple PM's without closing the Wizard

*      Fixed defect where detection of invalid parameter bindings did not detect being invalid when used in the construction of the WHERE clause as a result of an import User Def.

*      Fixed defect where SQL Results view did not properly display mapped or binded to TPS parameters. The generated SQL SELECT clause also contained duplicate column references to a table

*      Fixed defect where a user requested to search for a text item in a LogView and no log items existed, it would crash

*      Fixed defect where expanding and collapsing of Tree control items in Project Views - Bindings, Tasks, and Database did not properly redraw the folder states to show open/close.

*      Added "Save database path" option to EB Translation Wizard to optionally restore the last used Microsoft Access database path when invoked.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway Gateway Regulatory Conversion where History was not properly collected for created PM Logic strategies.

*      Added UI enhancement for TPS Template viewing windows. An animated cursor is now displayed when a TPS Builder Library is being expanded. This animated cursor has also been added to viewing of History data when expanding a Project Link for collected History.

*      Fixed defect in Hiway Gateway Regulatory Conversion where the connection to a created Logic Input Block Strategy was not made properly for strategies specified in resolving Status Output connections SOA/SOB. The connection specified as a simple pass through from Input Block to Output Block did not have the .L parameter attached to the Input Block Strategy name in the LOSRC parameter connection.

*      Added New Box button to Step 8 of Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard. This button will allow you to quickly navigate to the Hiway/Box selection step of the Wizard.

*      Modified behavior when stepping back from Step 8 of the Hiway Regulatory Conversion Wizard to not display a warning message unless changes have been made in Step 9 of the Wizard for resolving detected Status I/O connections.

*      Fixed defect for TPS Builder R130 users where the creation of hierarchical strategy modules and subsequent referencing of them using hierarchical notation was broken in the TPS Builder R130 release. Data Transfer has been updated with a fix for this defect.